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Divine pet - Body Balance Extrakt Tinktur 30ml

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Full of energy and life.

Do you want an animal full of energy, enthusiasm, and interest in life?

BODY BALANCE Extrakt Tincture helps to coordinate the functioning of internal organs and thus restores the energy of the animals, eliminates weakness, calms stress, increases physical and mental abilities. The preparation helps in learning and maintaining attention, it is especially suitable for animals that are sporting active. It promotes communication, coordination, attention, learning, manageability and a balanced relationship in the group and in the environment


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NANDIKA DIVINE PET products are made with love, respect and knowledge of the emotional and biological specificities of animals. Animals, like all living creatures, have their own vibrations of energy - the balance of this energy is essential to their well-being. Happiness, excitement, pain, disappointment, satisfaction, sadness and compassion are also reflected in the animal world. They also experience intense emotions and stressful situations, just like humans, but this is reflected in behavior that can become harmful to both animals and their owners and the environment.

DIVINE PET Extrakt Tinctures are carefully prepared natural essences, especially suitable for restoring the natural balance in the body, help to eliminate behavioral disorders, and encourage the re-association of animals with positive energy from Nature, which enables a better quality of life and a harmonious relationship between animals and their owners.

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