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Nandika is a company with a long family tradition. We are engaged in the development, preparation, production and sale of 100% natural products, that are intended for the natural strengthening of the immune system, and serve as an excellent support for the regeneration and recovery of our body.


  • We are the world's leading company in quantitative information of living food and the preparation of top-quality natural dietary supplements. With their enjoyment, sports, minded and business-active individuals raise their physical and mental abilities to a new, higher level and go beyond the set goals.
  • We create special, unique products for comprehensive support, prevention and better well-being, both physical and mental (jin-yang).
  • We are professional, efficient, technologically advanced - with a high level of attitude towards customers, business partners and nature. We have and promote deep holistic knowledge, nature-friendly production, up-to-date assistance and high-level information support.
  • We combine ancient traditional knowledge with the latest developments in pharmacy, quantum physics, complementary and western medicine


filter_vintage 1. INGREDIENTS:

Our Herbs are collected in pristine nature, from the Slovenian Julian Alps (Ayurveda on the green slopes of Himalaya), to the islands of the Adriatic Sea (Ayurveda in south of India), giving an unparalleled mixture of flavors and healing effects. Herbs are influenced by cold altitude air and frost from Julian Alps on one side, and salty sea air from the adriatic sea on the other - they contain the unique ratios of healing ingredients and flavors, incomparable with any other combination in the world

book 2. KNOWLEDGE:

Nandika tinctures combine the traditional Ayurveda healing approaches and confidential recipes of famous herbalist Ivan Mozetič, the teacher of Pater Ašič. The basis of all preparations Nandika is a unique combination of herbs and extracts of medicinal mushrooms, which are collected exclusively in indigenous, wild habitats. With vibronic power, the strength of the first-class tinctures is enriched with homeopathic information, and quantum vibrations, strengthened through informing with the golden lingam. Thus tinctures, make cells with unhealthy, weak negative vibrations possible to establish positive vibrations, and establishing a self-medication process. As a result, the body automatically eliminate cause of the disease as well as the level of consciousness, and integrate the balance of healthy bodily functions, homeostasis and well-being.

aspect_ratio 3. PRODUCTION:

We have erected traditional, more than 4.000 years old Persian knowledges (Ibn Sina / Avicenna), and upgraded them with the latest knowledge of traditional and Ayurvedic medicine. (Theriac and quantum information

fiber_new 4. TEHNOLOGY:

Our products are produced in accordance with the latest technological standards.








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