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Divine Pet - Biotic...

Price €35.90

Back to Nature.

Does your pet have bad habits, problems with changing  accommodation or traveling?

BIOTIC BALANCE Extrakt Tincture helps restore the self-regulation ability in the body, as the animals had in the past when they were still moving freely in unspoiled nature. It affects the stability of the digestive tract and contributes to emotional retardation. The animal acquires serenity, improves well-being and is no longer afraid of change.

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Divine pet - Body...

Price €35.90

Full of energy and life.

Do you want an animal full of energy, enthusiasm, and interest in life?

BODY BALANCE Extrakt Tincture helps to coordinate the functioning of internal organs and thus restores the energy of the animals, eliminates weakness, calms stress, increases physical and mental abilities. The preparation helps in learning and maintaining attention, it is especially suitable for animals that are sporting active. It promotes communication, coordination, attention, learning, manageability and a balanced relationship in the group and in the environment

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Divine Pet - Detox...

Price €35.90

Detoxicate your pet.

Do you notice a sudden fatigue in the animal, does it look worn or damaged?

DETOX Extrakt Tincture helps to remove negative and toxic substances from the body, to establish normal digestion and emotional and physical relaxation. It is a very useful nutritional supplement when you are changing the food for your pets. It stimulates the feeling of lightness and purity, which is reflected in the hair, which becomes more soft and shiny. Suitable for extra care of long-haired animals.

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Divine Pet - Happy...

Price €35.90

Emotional and physical well-being.

Is your pet hyperactive? Do you see nervous, jealous or aggressive behavior?

HAPPY FEET Extrakt  tincture helps in  case of very intense emotions, which are often  result of serious injury or fear that can be seen in  animals as a severe thrill, inflexible behavior, signs of stress, shyness, etc. Animals have frequent and (or) recurrent physical problems that further aggravate their well-being. The preparation allows calm, relaxation and the necessary serenity to help the animal overcome difficult moments.

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Divine Pet - Hormon...

Price €35.90

Smoothness and hormonal balance.

Does your pets look badly miserable? Is there a problem for mating or giving birth?

HORMON BALANCE Extrakt  tincture helps with emotional imbalance, which is most often the result of increased hormonal activity during the period of reproduction, disturbance in mating or stress due to motherhood. It helps to establish peace and stability and an elemental connection with a natural instinct.

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